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EIC Horizon Prize for Batteries for e-Vehicles
bis 01.01.2022
The EU will award ¤10 million to a highperforming, sustainable battery for electric vehicles. The solution must be a fully functional prototype.
Solutions are required to provide the same or better performance than vehicles with internal combustion engines and to be capable of recharging the electric vehicle within a time equivalent to fill a conventional gasoline/diesel fuel tank.
This prize will contribute significantly to the decarbonisation of Europe for the benefit of the EU's economy and its citizens.
- high standards of safety, sustainability and recyclability
- same range and recharge time as a standard gasoline/diesel car
- whole-life costs are equivalent to or better than a standard gasoline/diesel car
- significant advance in new materials technologies while avoiding expensive, rare, and unsustainable materials

The contest is open to individuals, groups, organisations and companies in the EU or in a country associated to Horizon 2020.

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