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Digital Business Innovation Contest
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The Digital Business Innovation (DBI) contest is looking for the best products, services and tangible business ideas that address the key innovation opportunities of today's digital business. The best three proposals will be awarded a money prize of up to ¤5,000.
The DBI Contest concept : Create a business plan focusing on the exploitation and implementation of the technologies of the projects that are featured on the enterprise lab section of the DBI Community portal. You can find more details at: ?http://www.dbi-community.eu/projects.
Launched by the European Commission's FutureEnterprise project, the DBI contest aims to boost internet innovation and web entrepreneurship and offer young entrepreneurs, SME's and startups a great tool to accelerate the realization of their ideas.
The DBI contest focuses linking research and entrepreneurship by presenting the DBI community's unique technology library of research projects, to internet-based enterprises and entrepreneurs to leverage and exploit.
Ideas and business plans proposed to the DBI contest will be evaluated by the FutureEnterprise Experts' Panel, and the best three will be awarded a money prize in a special award ceremony to be held in Brussels. Specifically, the 1st best proposal will receive a ¤5.000 award, while the 2nd and 3rd place will get ¤3.000 and ¤2.000 respectively.
Interested participants can register & apply online here. The deadline for submissions is the 14th of November 2014.

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