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DFG-CAPES Brazilian-German research projects in the fields of Chemistry and Industry 4.0, Advanced Digitalisation
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
Joint call for the formation of Brazilian-German research projects in the fields of Chemistry and Industry 4.0, Advanced Digitalisation
Within the scope of their Cooperation Agreement, the Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education (CAPES) and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) are glad to announce a joint call for German-Brazilian research projects in the field of Chemistry and in the field of Manufacturing Engineering, especially Industry 4.0, Advanced Digitalisation. For the future, it is intended that the researchers of the funded bilateral projects in each discipline collaborate with each other by means of workshops, meetings or other collaborative activities.
The proposals for German-Brazilian research projects have to be submitted to the DFG according to the following rules:
o The cooperation with Brazilian partners, which is a prerequisite for proposal submission, has to be based on an already existing cooperation between these partners with substantial preliminary joint research.
o Researchers can apply for a funding period of up to two years with the possibility of renewal of two more years.
o Proposals have to be written in English and must be submitted to both organisations in parallel in accordance with the proposal preparation requirements of each side, respectively. For German groups this means submission via the DFG elan system.
o The proposal of the Brazilian partner has to be submitted as an annex to the DFG-Proposal.
The Brazilian researchers submit their proposals with an identical scientific core in parallel to CAPES. The proponents have to be eligible according to the guidelines of CAPES. The German cooperation partners have to be mentioned in the Brazilian proposal. Information according to the call on the Brazilian side including formal aspects and evaluation are available at CAPES. Funding for approved proposals will be provided approximately 13 months after the launch of the call.
Contact person at the DFG in Bonn, Germany:
Dr. Dietrich Halm, phone +49 228 885-2347,dietrich.halm@dfg.de
For Industry 4.0 and Advanced Digitalisation:
Dr. Ferdinand Hollmann, phone +49 228 885-2277, ferdinand.hollmann@dfg.de
For Chemistry:
Dr. Daniel Pursche,phone +49 228 885-2389, daniel.pursche@dfg.de
Contact person at the DFG Office Latin America in São Paulo, Brazil:
Dr. Kathrin Winkler, phone +55 11 5189 8308 (BR) or +49 228 885-4550 (D), latinamerica@dfg.de

Further information:
www.dfg.de/download/pdf/foerderung/internationales/ ifw_dfg_capes_collaborative_research_initiative_annex.pdf