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Deutsche Krebshilfe Epidemiologie
Deutsche Krebshilfe e. V.
Deutsche Krebshilfe supports measures related to cancer prevention, early cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment, follow-up care after cancer treatment, psychosocial care, self aid and health promotion.
Deutsche Krebshilfe has also supported the development of epidemiological cancer registries in Germany because of their significant role in cancer research. Only with the help of cancer registries is it possible to monitor changes over time and regional differences in incidence, prevalence and mortality of cancer. Studying cancer registry data allows not only to measure screening effects and evaluate care concepts, but also to examine the quality of life of cancer patients and of long-term survivors.
With the objective of further supporting epidemiological research based on data from both epidemiological and clinical cancer registries, Deutsche Krebshilfe has decided to launch a second call for applications within the priority programme 'Epidemiological Research using Cancer Registry Data'. By funding innovative studies, Deutsche Krebshilfe - in accordance with the German National Cancer Plan - aims at providing fresh impetus for improving quality of life and health care for cancer patients as well as long-term survivors. Additionally, this priority programme has the goal to ensure sustainability of high quality epidemiological research by establishing a training programme for graduates in the field of cancer epidemiology.

Deutsche Krebshilfe e. V.
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