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Cluster 3: Resilient Infrastructure 2021 (HORIZON-CL3-2021-INFRA-01), 2 calls open
The reliable, robust and resilient operation of infrastructures is vital for the security, well-being and economic prosperity of people in Europe. They provide the basis for our daily lives, connect people to each other and guarantee different kinds of social and economic interactions. To be able to allow for such interactions, be it in transport, communications or services, infrastructures has grown more complex to keep up with the development of modern societies, while at the same time ensuring their resilience against disasters and the impacts of climate change and other factors that affect society e.g. demographic changes. Infrastructures operate and function in a rapidly evolving socio-technological and threat environment with increasingly interconnected networks highly reliant upon one another, which presents both risks and opportunities for their protection. They must be resilient towards different expected and unexpected events, emerging risks, be they natural or man-made, unintentional, accidental or with malicious intent.

Under this destination the EU has published two calls for proposals that are open for admission:
1. European infrastructures and their autonomy safeguarded against systemic risks (HORIZON-CL3-2021-INFRA-01-01)
2. Ensured infrastructure resilience in case of Pandemics (HORIZON-CL3-2021-INFRA-01-02)

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