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Cluster 1: A competitive health-related industry (2021) (HORIZON-HLTH-2021-IND-07), 3 calls open
he health industry is a key driver for growth and has the capacity to provide health technologies to the benefit of patients and providers of health care services. The relevant value chains involve a broad variety of key players from supply, demand and regulatory sides. In addition, the path of innovation in health is long and complex. The development of novel health technologies is generally associated with uncertainties and market barriers due to expensive and risky development (e.g. attrition rate in pharmaceutical development), high quality and security requirements (e.g. clinical performance, safety, data privacy and cybersecurity) and market specificities (e.g. strong regulation, pricing and reimbursement issues). In addition, the growing concern about environmental issues is putting more pressure on this industry. Therefore, there is a need for research and innovation integrating various stakeholders to facilitate market access of innovative health technologies (medical technologies, pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies, digital health technologies).
In order to address these challenges, in particular green and digital transitions and proper supply of health technologies and products, destination 6 will focus on research and innovation activities that aim at:
o Production of pharmaceuticals in compliance with the objectives of the European Green Deal.
o Methodologies, guidelines and standards, assessment studies, and structuring activities adapted to digital solutions and interventions for GDPR compliant translation into health care practice, including inter-operability, cyber-security and data confidentiality.
o Public authorities supported with better methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches to assess and value new health technologies and interventions.
o Development of pharmaceutical products meeting unmet medical needs in the context of market failures.

Under this destination the EU has published three calls for proposals that are open for admission:
1. Green pharmaceuticals (HORIZON-HLTH-2021-IND-07-01)
2. Development, procurement and responsible management of new antimicrobials (HORIZON-HLTH-2021-IND-07-02)
3. Promoting a trusted mHealth label in Europe: uptake of technical specifications for quality and reliability of health and wellness apps (HORIZON-HLTH-2021-IND-07-03)

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