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Closing the industrial carbon cycle to combat climate change - Industrial feasibility of catalytic routes for sustainable alternatives to fossil resources, ID: LC-GD-3-1-2020
Greening of industrial and energy production, storage and distribution by use of CO2 emissions from industrial processes.
The challenge is to sustainably convert CO2 emissions from industrial processes into synthetic fuels and chemicals utilising renewable energy driven processes with novel, highly optimised and energy efficient catalytic systems. This has the potential e.g. to reduce by over 30 % the current ~665 Mt of CO2 emissions per annum related to the Energy Intensive Industries in Europe. However, it is necessary to demonstrate the industrial and economic feasibility of producing synthetic fuels and chemicals by scaling-up the developed technologies to reach industrial production levels and validate the industrial exploitability and circularity.
o Develop and deploy highly innovative and recyclable catalytic material systems to facilitate the production of synthetic fuels and chemicals from industrial flue gas emissions: mainly CO2 (but also CO and H2), aiming at 50 % increase in the overall efficiency compared to the State-of-the-Art;
o Develop innovative, renewable energy driven, catalytic processes, to produce synthetic fuels and chemicals, at a sufficiently large scale to demonstrate its cost effectiveness, while reducing the use of critical raw materials;
o Demonstrate the full value chain for industrial production (including SMEs) of synthetic fuels and chemicals, whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
o Address financial, regulatory, environmental, land and raw material (including critical raw materials) constraints, as well as public acceptance issues and socio-economic impact related to the proposed technological pathways.

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