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Europäische Kommission : Horizon 2020
Folgende Ausschreibung endet am 06.11.2014

FCH-01.1-2014: Standardization of components for cost-efficient fuel cell systems for transportation applications
FCH-01.2-2014: Cell and stack components, stack and system manufacturing technologies and quality assurance
FCH-01.3-2014: Development of advanced fuel cell systems and system components
FCH-01.4-2014: Hydrogen storage standardisation and components optimization for mass production
FCH-01.5-2014: Development of cost effective and reliable hydrogen refuelling station components and systems for fuel cell vehicles
FCH-01.6-2014: Engineering studies for large scale bus refuelling
FCH-01.7-2014: Large scale demonstration of refuelling infrastructure for road vehicles
FCH-02.1-2014: Research in electrolysis for cost effective hydrogen production
FCH-02.10-2014: Demonstrating the feasibility of central large scale electrolysers in providing grid services and hydrogen distribution and supply to multiple high value markets
FCH-02.11-2014: Large scale fuel cell power plant demonstration in industrial/commercial market segments
FCH-02.2-2014: Decentralized hydrogen production from clean CO2-containing biogas
FCH-02.3-2014: Stationary fuel cell system diagnostics: development of online monitoring and diagnostics systems for reliable and durable fuel cell system operation
FCH-02.4-2014: Robust manufacturing of stationary fuel cells with reduced quality control costs
FCH-02.5-2014: Innovative fuel cell systems at intermediate power range for distributed combined heat and power generation
FCH-02.6-2014: Development of centrifugal hydrogen compressor technology
FCH-02.7-2014: Stand-alone hydrogen purification systems for new hydrogen pathways
FCH-02.8-2014: Improvement of electrolyser design for grid integration
FCH-02.9-2014: Significant improvement of installation and service for fuel cell systems by Design-to-Service
FCH-03.1-2014: Hydrogen territories
FCH-04.1-2014: Educational initiatives
FCH-04.2-2014: Develop strategies to raise public awareness of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies
FCH-04.3-2014: Pre-normative research on vented deflagrations in containers and enclosures for hydrogen energy applications

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