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Bio-based Industries Coordination and Support action
- Resolve supply-chain hurdles for turning residual waste streams into functional molecules for food and/or non-food market applications BBI-2020-SO1-D1
- Use biogenic gaseous carbon to increase feedstock availability for the industry BBI-2020-SO1-D2
- Valorise the organic fraction of municipal solid waste through an integrated biorefinery at commercial level BBI-2020-SO1-F1
- Turn lignin into materials and chemicals for high-end applications BBI-2020-SO1-F2
- Produce food ingredients with high nutritional value from aquatic sources BBI-2020-SO1-F3
- Upscale the production of bio-based platform molecules for larger market applications BBI-2020-SO2-D3
- Use enabling technologies to improve feedstock availability and sustainability for the bio-based industry BBI-2020-SO2-R1
- Develop integral fractionation of lignocellulose to produce components for high-value applications BBI-2020-SO2-R2
- Develop bio-based solutions to recycle composites BBI-2020-SO2-R3
- Extract bioactive compounds from new, under-exploited and/or recalcitrant residual bio-based streams for high-value applications BBI-2020-SO2-R4
- Demonstrate superior bio-based packaging solutions with minimal environmental damage BBI-2020-SO3-D4
- Improve the sustainability of coatings BBI-2020-SO3-R5
- Help start-ups and spin-offs to gain access to finance BBI-2020-SO4-S1
- Provide insight on emerging technologies for bio-based value chains BBI-2020-SO4-S2
- Create and interlink bio-based education centres to meet industry's needs of skills and competences BBI-2020-SO4-S3
- Expand circular economy to include the underexploited circular bioeconomy BBI-2020-SO4-S4

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