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Advanced Pilots towards the European Exascale Supersomputers
The objective of the pilot action will be to develop, deploy and coordinate at European level a European quantum simulation (QS) infrastructure of circa 100+ interacting quantum units that shall be accessible via the cloud on a non-commercial basis to public and private European users. European quantum simulation technologies are currently being developed by EU projects or by national projects [1]in the Member States. The action will cover the acquisition of one such quantum simulator and its maintenance costs, the development of the interconnection between the classical supercomputer and the quantum simulator and the development of the necessary cloud access and middleware for programming and running applications in the quantum simulator. The European quantum simulator should be hosted by a supercomputing center located in the Union and co-located with a EuroHPC or Tier-0 supercomputer that should be existing at the moment when the project would start or soon after.
The objective of opening up such early computing platforms (whether in the form of quantum simulators or first physical computing platforms) widely to European users is to help them familiarize with quantum technologies, test their capabilities/performances and develop their first quantum applications and algorithms. The aim is not only to train users in using quantum computing systems but, most importantly, to develop an early ecosystem of quantum programming facilities and application libraries.

The EuroHPC JU considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the JU of up to EUR 6 million, matched by the Participating States with a similar amount, and a duration of between 3 to 5 years would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. The costs include the acquisition of one quantum simulator and its maintenance and operation cost.
Expected Impact:
o Contribution to the realisation of the EuroHPC JU's overall and specific objectives[2];
o Contribution to the development of a first ecosystem of hybrid HPC and quantum programming facilities and applications;
o Contribution to the next generation of modular HPC systems;
o Providing Europe's scientists and engineers with first experimental facilities to familiarise themselves with quantum technologies and develop the use cases;

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