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Accelerating the green transition and energy access Partnership with Africa, ID: LC-GD-2-3-200
This action responds to the Joint Communication for a Comprehensive Strategy with Africa[1] adopted on 9/3/2020, which highlights that innovation is key to enable African countries to pursue sustainable pathways to development through a low-carbon, climate resilient and green growth trajectory, leapfrogging fossil fuel technologies. It will contribute to the present R&I Partnership on Climate Change and Sustainable Energy of the EU/AU High-Level Policy Dialogue[2] on Science, Technology and Innovation that is expected to strongly contribute to Action 1 of the Comprehensive Strategy with Africa.
The African continent has an enormous renewable energy potential which just began to be harnessed successfully. The adoption of innovative, affordable and efficient renewable energy solutions will support Africa in achieving sustainable development growth and economic transformation.

Experience has shown that existing innovative solutions and technologies generated for developed markets need to be adapted and tailored to, and demonstrated in, the multi-faceted context of Africa. The goal is to bring not only economic, but also environmental, social and health benefits. To facilitate market uptake and sustained deployment of technologies, R&I policies need to be coupled with capacity building and appropriate financing solutions. Additional considerations of affordability, suitable distribution channels as well as meaningful engagement with civil society in the implementation of research projects are also key for the success of potential technological solutions. The involvement of private and/or public European and African investors to sustainable energy solutions is key to the sustainable economic development of Africa with benefits to both continents.
Significant efforts are being made (including with the support of the European Commission) to address the development of innovative solutions through research and innovation actions. However, demonstrations of the value of these solutions are still needed.

Actions should demonstrate innovative sustainable energy solutions that consider climate adaptation and mitigation potential compared to other technologies/solutions in the African social, economic and environmental contexts. The solutions may address:
o development of renewable energy sources, including solutions for off-grid communities, and their integration into the existing energy system, considering the generation of renewable energy, the transmission, and the use of storage/battery systems.
o energy efficiency
Solutions should consider both urbanised and rural contexts in Africa, and the ongoing water-energy-food nexus action, with the aim of providing sustainable energy access (electricity/cooking) and/or creating improved health, economic wealth and jobs (productive use of energy/energy efficiency).

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