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Europäische Kommission: Culture


Europäische Kommission: Culture

Rue de la Loi 200

B-1048 Bruxelles

Why Creative Europe?
The cultural and creative sectors embody Europe’s immensely rich and diverse cultural heritage, and contribute to the development of our societies. These sectors play a big role in the European
economy and help generate growth and jobs.
Creative Europe provides €1.46 billion over seven years to strengthen Europe’s cultural and creative sectors.

The programme:
  • Safeguards and promotes European cultural and linguistic diversity, and fosters Europe’s cultural richness.
  • Contributes to Europe’s goals for smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth.
  • Helps the cultural and creative sectors to adapt to the digital age and globalisation.
  • Opens up new international opportunities, markets and audiences.
  • Builds on the success of the MEDIA, MEDIA Mundus and Culture programmes.

What does it support?
  • Cross-border cooperation projects between cultural and creative organisations within the EU and beyond.
  • Networks helping the cultural and creative sectors to operate transnationally and to strengthen their
  • competitiveness.
  • Translation and promotion of literary works across EU markets.
  • Platforms of cultural operators promoting emerging artists and stimulating a truly European programming of cultural and artistic works.
  • Capacity building and professional training for audiovisual professionals.
  • Development of fiction, animations, creative documentaries and video games for European cinema, television markets and other platforms.
  • Distribution and sales of audiovisual works in and outside Europe.
  • Film festivals that promote European films.
  • Funds for the international co-production of films.
  • Audience development to foster film literacy and to raise interest in Europe’s films through a wide range of events.